Public Works

Pay a Bill or Have Questions about Trash and Sewer, please visit the Finance Department.

The Public Works Department provides services to support City staff, Commercial Businesses, and its residents. Public Works is comprised of 8 divisions:

  • Administration: Support to the Public Works divisions and customer service requests
  • Airport: Airport Operations and Maintenance
  • Engineering: Infrastructure Systems and Traffic Engineering
  • Facilities Maintenance: Maintain City-owned buildings
  • Fleet Services: Maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment
  • Sanitation: Trash pickup and Landfill
  • Streets: Streets Maintenance, Signals, Signs, Striping, Sweepers, and Grading
  • Wastewater: Collection, Treatment, and Recharge of the City's Wastewater

The Public Works Department is also responsible for the administration of the Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company.

Public Works Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide reliable, cost-effective, friendly customer service in the areas of infrastructure, public services, technical standards, design services, engineering studies, and long-term planning.

Department Overviews

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for the implementation of the Capital Improvement Program relating to storm drains, drainage, streets, and traffic signals. The Division provides inspection services responding to City departments, City officials, citizens, developers, and contractor inquiries, as well as oversees the construction of traffic signals and proper traffic control for the City of Casa Grande.

Engineering Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide safe and efficient infrastructure systems and to operate and maintain them, to provide upgrades and additions to the City's infrastructure system to accommodate growth and to provide technical advice and guidance to the public and City management.


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