Determining if Your New Business Location Meets Planning & Building Requirements

Step 1

Confirm what your property is zoned.

You can check the zoning of any property within Casa Grande from the City’s Zoning Search Map application located on the City’s website.

Step 2

Confirm whether the use you wish to place on your property is allowed under the City’s zoning rules.

The best way to confirm whether a proposed use is allowed on your property is to email the Casa Grande Planning Department and describe both the current zoning of your property and the use that you are interested in locating on your property. A planner will contact you and inform you as to whether the use you want to place on your property is an allowable use or not.

The entire Casa Grande Zoning Code can also be found online.

Step 3

Confirm that your building meets current building and fire codes for your proposed use.

You can verify Building requirements by emailing your questions or calling 520-421-8630 to speak with a Permit Technician. The Permit Technician can assist in identifying if there are any outstanding permits, identify permits issued for your property in past or present years, or if there are any open code enforcement violations. Any new business location, change in ownership, or change of use will require an occupancy inspection to be conducted by both the Building Department and the Fire Department. Download the Occupancy Permit Application (PDF).

Step 4

If you intend to install new building, or site signage (including painted and window signs), you will need to obtain a Sign Permit from the Casa Grande Development Center located at 510 E Florence Boulevard.

Download the Sign Permit Application (PDF)