Planning & Development Division

Planning is about visioning and goal setting for the future of Casa Grande. The character of the community and growth vision is set forth in the citizen-adopted General Plan. All land use applications are reviewed with an eye towards how they implement the goals, policies, and vision of the General Plan. A cornerstone of the planning process is public involvement and participation.

General Plan Overview

The General Plan is the document that establishes the long-range vision that guides the development of the community. By law, the General Plan is required to be updated every ten (10) years and can only be adopted by a vote of the residents. The current General Plan was approved by the voters in 2009 and is scheduled for an update by 2020.

General Plan Map

Development Review

A major responsibility of the planning staff is to review various types of applications that authorize development activity. Planners review development applications for conformance with the General Plan as well as with review criteria and development requirements set forth in the City Code. A final decision on certain development applications can be made by planning staff, other applications have to be forwarded to a commission, board or City Council for a final ruling. Most all development applications involve public notification and allow for public input.

Development application forms may be accessed and completed online. Each application provides information regarding the specific review process it is required to undergo as well as the review timeframe. Development applications are assigned to specific planners based upon the area of the City the development is located in.