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The Casa Grande Public Library’s Bookmobile Service delivers library services to persons of all ages who are not served or who are underserved by traditional branches because of physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers. It is an effective extension of the Casa Grande Public Library, providing library materials and timely personal services to communities, neighborhoods, and individuals. 

The Bookmobile is a branch of the Casa Grande Public Library system and you can use it similarly to a fixed branch. Materials borrowed from the Bookmobile can be returned on the subsequent visit. Materials borrowed from the Bookmobile can be returned to it or any of the other branches. Likewise, materials borrowed from other branches can be returned to the Bookmobile. You can also renew materials on the Bookmobile or request specific titles that you can pick up at the next visit to your stop. The Bookmobile does not carry cash or accept riders. The Bookmobile is a wireless hot spot and provides internet service during its stops.

Bookmobile Service Priorities

  • Outlying communities with limited access to an established library.
  • Senior/Care/Youth facilities.
  • Community Events.
  • Provide information to people of all ages and abilities for their recreation, education, and lifelong learning.
  • Introduce non-users to library collections and services.
  • Conveniently provide popular materials in a variety of formats that will increase library use and encourage a lifelong desire to read.
  • Increase the visibility of the library and the Friends of the Library by generating a positive image throughout the entire community.


Regular stops range from 30 to 120 minutes depending on usage and need. The schedule will be arranged to provide optimum and visible service to the largest number of residents as efficiently as possible. 

Criteria to establish, modify, or discontinue bookmobile stops 

Due to limited staffing, operating hours, and budget constraints, the bookmobile cannot visit all areas of potential need. The following criteria are typically used to select bookmobile stops.

  • Bookmobile stops must be within the City of Casa Grande service area.
  • Each stop should reflect the purpose of Casa Grande Public Library Bookmobile Service.
  • Potential stops will be evaluated and selected according to their service priority, and available staff and resources.
  • The stop must provide ample room to safely maneuver and park the bookmobile on a level, solid parking area.
  • Population density and proximity of other library facilities or stops will be considered in establishing or continuing bookmobile stops.
  • Maximum efficiency of bookmobile routes and travel time throughout the area served will be considered in adding new stops.
  • Preference is given to visible locations that are community centers and/or provide other community services.
  • The Bookmobile schedule will be adapted to respond to usage of service, including circulation, door count, reference questions, and other library services.
  • Stops are evaluated on an ongoing basis. The library reserves the right to cancel/change/move a stop at any point if it feels the arrangement is not the best use of library resources to allow service to other areas.

Homebound or Home Delivery Service 

If you live in Casa Grande and are restricted to your home temporarily or permanently because of illness, disability, or related issues, you may use the Casa Grande Public Library Home Delivery or Books by Mail service. Residents are to be considered homebound if they have a condition (due to illness or injury) that restricts their ability to leave their place of residence. Individuals who can drive are not considered homebound. To enroll, contact the Outreach Librarian. Email Julie Andersen, or 520-421-8652 ext. 5014