Start New Services

What you will need to start new services for trash (sanitation), sewer (wastewater) and water (Santa Rosa Ranch & Saddleback Farms ONLY): Start New Services Application Copy of Driver's License or State Issued Identification Card Copy of Final Settlement Statement or Deed (if you are the owner) Copy of Lease/Rental agreement (if you are a landlord [...]

A Place to Paws

The Animal Care & Adoption Center has shaded outside areas all thanks to boy scout Jake Rasmussen and Pam Wagner. Rasmussen’s Eagle Scout project built two shaded areas in the walkabout areas affectionately called, A Place to Paws. It is a project he volunteered to do because of his love for our critters waiting for [...]

Helpful Information for Pet Owners

Missing Cats or Dogs Contact the Animal Control Department as soon as possible and leave your name, address, home phone number, work phone number, and a description of your animal. Remember, you are your pet’s best friend. Provide identification. If your pet ever does get loose, the license can help ensure a safe return. A [...]

2017 CDBG Funds: Projects for Public Services

The City of Casa Grande is opening up the application process for 2017 CDBG funds for activities or projects related to public services. If your non-profit organization has an unfunded need that will result in benefit to low-income, elderly or disabled residents of Casa Grande, please note that the City will be accepting CDBG project [...]