General Plan Overview

General Plan Overview Updates to the City’s General Plan normally occur every ten (10) years unless the City experiences rapid growth, then an update is needed before the 10th year.  The General Plan is a document that serves as a guide for the City on how land should be developed in the future. Land uses are [...]

Zoning Districts

UR – URBAN RANCH The purpose of the Urban Ranch Residential (UR) Zone is to provide principally for the development of single-family detached dwellings units at very low densities and to provide for the establishment and/or maintenance of a wide range of agricultural uses. The primary purpose of requiring larger minimum lot sizes is to [...]

Regulatory Bill of Rights Directory of Documents

Codes, Ordinances, Plans and Substantive Policy Statements 1. Codes & Ordinances a. Casa Grande City Code, including, but not limited to: 1) Title 15 - Buildings & Construction These codes  and amendments thereof  are  available for review at the Development Center: a. 2012 IBC b. 2012 IRC c. 2012 IFC d. 2012 IPC e. 2012 IMC f. [...]

Land Use Application Processing and Forms

The department processes various types of land use applications, some of which can be decided administratively, and others which require City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservation Commission action. Land Us Application Types & Review Authority Application Type Decision Body Annexation – City Initiated City Council Annexation - Voluntary City Council [...]


Contiguous properties may be annexed into the city limits in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.  All annexations must be located within the identified planning area boundary. Planning Area Boundary Map: Historical Annexations Annexation Form

2017 Requested General Plan Amendments

Please provide review comments by Friday, September 15, 2017. These proposed amendments are provided to you in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statues 9-461-06. The above link includes the following General Plan Amendment requests: DSA-17-00085: “NRG” General Plan Amendment at Rodeo Rd. & Burris Rd --Planner Joseph Horn 409 acres from Neighborhoods General Plan lands use [...]

Flood Protection Assistance

The City of Casa Grande Staff performs frequent site visits in response to Citizen requests.  The following types of field visits conducted by the City Staff are as follows: 1. Complaint/Violation:  Staff responds to complaints on various subjects ranging from construction activities, trash dumping, encroachment into the floodway, and other items that affect the floodway, [...]