How do I renew my license on

Go to Log in using your username and password. Click "License Renewal" in the 'Action' section of your Business List or select "License Renewal" on the left-hand navigation bar. (You will need the pertinent information for renewal, any changes, payment information, and your e-signature PIN.) For further assistance on completing a license renewal through, view our video tutorial at

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1. When are TPT renewals due?
2. Is there anything I should do prior to renewal?
3. If I just got my TPT license, do I still have to renew my license on January 1?
4. When can I renew my TPT license?
5. My business (or location) is closed; what do I need to do?
6. I am an out-of-state business without a physical presence in Arizona, do I have to renew my TPT license?
7. How do I renew my license on
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9. Do I need to renew my marijuana TPT license?
10. How do I update my owner or officer information for my business?
11. How much will it cost to renew my license?