How dangerous can the summer heat be for pets?

Heatstroke is a leading cause of summer pet deaths. On a warm day, the temperature inside your car can reach 160 degrees in a matter of minutes-even with the windows partially open. Pets don't perspire like humans, they pant to cool off. With only hot air to breathe (enclosed car), pets can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke.

Walking your dog in the heat of the day can cause very painful burns that can take weeks to heal. sidewalks can reach more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Walk your dog in the early morning or later in the evening, Temperatures above 90 degrees are too hot for walking.

Some rules to follow:

  1. Never leave your pet in an enclosed space, like a car or a plastic kennel.
  2. Always make sure your pet has plenty of shade and fresh water.
  3. Keep geriatric, overweight and short-nosed dogs i.e. (Bulldogs, pugs, Pekinese, and Boston terriers) in the A/C. These types of dogs are more sensitive to heat.
  4. Seek immediate medical attention if your pet shows any signs of heat stroke such as excessive panting / drooling, bright red gums, vomiting and / or diarrhea, lethargy or stupor / loss of balance, loss of consciousness, seizure or collapse.

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