Does disturbing the peace apply to pets?

Yes, it is unlawful to harbor or keep any animals that disturb the peace by loud noises at any time day or night.

Standard Used to Determine if Barking Disturbs the Peace

"Our inquiry must determine whether the noise would disturb a person of ordinary sensitivities; that is … not merely because it offends some super sensitive or hypercritical individual, but because it is, by its nature, of a sort that is a substantial interference with (our old friend) the reasonable man." Arizona Court of Appeals in State v. Singer, 945 P.2d 359 (1997).

More Information to Help with Barking Dogs

Many things can get a dog barking. Is the dog barking only at certain times? Is there a lot of foot traffic near your area? Is the dog in distress? You may want to talk with your neighbor; they may be unaware that the dog is creating a problem with its barking. Sometimes people unintentionally become complacent and don't realize that it may be bothering others. You can also contact Animal Control and we can do a "knock and talk" with the pet owner to assist you.

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