What happens if there are fires, trash, and vandalism?

Residents who see a non-emergency issue that needs to be addressed or code violations are encouraged to report it through SeeClickFix.

  • The areas reserved shall be left in an orderly condition and all papers, rubbish and other debris shall be deposited in the proper receptacles. (City Ordinance 12.04.040, 12.04.100).
  • No glass is allowed in any park. (City Ordinance 12.04.110).
  • There shall be no cutting of any vegetation or mutilation of trees or shrubs.
  • No fires shall be made in the park except in designated fireplaces or fire rings as approved by the Community Services Director.
  • Damage and/or litter to facilities may result in charges and may jeopardize your privilege to make future reservations. If you see vandalism in a park area or facility, please call 911, Park Rangers at 520-421-8700, or the Parks and Recreation Office at 520-421-8677.

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