Utility Box Art Program

The Casa Grande Arts & Humanities Commission is dedicated to integrating the arts and humanities, including the richness of the Community's ethnic and cultural diversity, as part of the fabric of everyday life. The arts promote innovation and collaboration, positively impacts local economies,student learning, and cultural understanding. Toward this end, the Commission serves as the entity stimulating and supporting excellence and accessibility in the arts and humanities for all citizens in thecommunity of Casa Grande. The Commission supports art that inspires, transforms minds, hearts, and lives in ourneighborhoods and the entire community!

The APS Art Mural Project has been a remarkable journey, led by the Arts & Humanities Commission and joined by the CG Mosaic Creative Communities Team and APS representatives. Together, they launched a pilot project that proved to be a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of the CG Mosaic Creative Communities Team, artists were able to receive $500 to cover the cost of supplies and labor, and an additional $500 for the winning artist. Nine (9) local artists responded to the Request for Artist Proposals, and six (6) of those artists submitted final artwork and were assigned boxes throughout the city. The Casa Grande Union High School Art Club was selected but decided to complete their box as part of Phase II, which will take place in the fall. 

This project has been a huge success, and the Commission and APS are thrilled with the results. They are already planning to expand the project to include City-owned boxes as well. With Phase II beginning this fall, it's clear that this project is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of collaboration and community.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the amazing artists who participated in beautifying our city. Your contributions have truly made a difference, and we are grateful for your involvement. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this wonderful project!

Phase II

Congratulations to CGUHS Art Club, who was named our winning artist(s) by the Arts and Humanities Commission.

Trekell and McCartney Opens in new window

Artist: CGUHS Art Club
Location: Trekell & McCartney

Colorado and Florence

Artist: Elle Rodriguez
Location: Colorado & Florence Blvd.

1464 Pinal Opens in new windowArtist: Adriane Kenney
Location: 1464 N. Pinal Ave.

Burrus and Schultz Opens in new window

Artist: Ashlynn Passey
Location: NE Corner of Barrus & Schultz

Arizola and Florence Opens in new windowArtist: Leticia Aguila & Demi Ramirez
Location: Arizola & Florence Blvd

530 N Arizola Rd Opens in new windowArtist: Megan & Brody Sanders
Location: 520 N. Arizola Road

Phase I

Congratulations to Israel & Ethan Lopez, who have been named our winning artists!

Lopez Opens in new window

Artist: Israel & Ethan Lopez
Location: SW Corner of 4th St. & Florence Blvd

Festa Opens in new window

Artist: Devin Festa
Location: Kortsen & Pueblo

Geerdes Opens in new window

Artist: Bryce Geerdes
Location: 3rd St. between Sacaton & Maricopa St.

Robbins Opens in new window

Artist: Elizabeth Robbins
Location: Casa Grande Ave & Irene St.

Talkington Opens in new window

Artist: Samantha Talkington
Location: Cottonwood Ln. & Trekell Road