Police Cadet Program

CadetWhat is the Police Cadet Program?

The Casa Grande Police Department Cadet Program provides an opportunity for young men and women to experience first-hand how a police department functions and what it takes to get started in a challenging career in law enforcement. Police Cadets participate in realistic field training with Law Enforcement Officers, covering a wide range of topics, policies, and practices. They also perform a variety of community services at parades, festivals, and special events. Occasionally, the Cadets could be called out to assist police officers in emergency situations, such as searching for missing children, searching for evidence, assisting in major disaster scenes, or performing other duties required by the Casa Grande Police Department.

If you are interested in the Casa Grande Police Department Cadet Program, contact the Public Information Office.

Who Can Be a Cadet?

Cadet applicants must be between fourteen (14) and twenty (20) years of age, must accept and practice the Cadet Creed, and must maintain good grades in school.

Cadet Post Goals

  • To provide positive teenage activities through community involvement.
  • To supply a reserve pool of individuals for emergencies or for community service.
  • To provide Basic Law Enforcement Training
  • To create the potential for young people to learn responsibility and leadership skills.
  • To give Cadets the experience necessary for them to make an educated decision as to whether Law Enforcement is the future for them.
  • To promote the spirit of cooperation through personal growth and group development.

The Cadet Creed

I am a Law Enforcement Cadet; I want to do my very best to earn the respect and trust of Law Enforcement Officers. I want to gain the admiration of other Cadets. I will reach my goals in the following ways:

Much like my role models, I will keep my private life unsoiled. I will obey the law and set an example for citizens both in and out of uniform.

I will volunteer for all details, fun or not so fun. I will be the first to volunteer when something needs to be done. I will work harder than my associates.

I will study hard in school since I know a good education is essential to a career in Law Enforcement. I know the academic decisions I make today affect my chances tomorrow. I understand that maintaining good grades is important to my future success.

My family comes first, then school, then the Cadet Program. This philosophy will be my guide when creating and maintaining my schedule.

When on an official department ride-along, I will follow instructions and limit my conversation to law enforcement and the calls for service at hand. I will try to be of aid to the officer, not a liability. I will present myself as a young professional adult.

I will learn as much as I can about my chosen profession. I will memorize radio codes, traffic codes, criminal laws, and procedures.

I will respect authority. I will respect the chain of command. I will not talk publicly about Law Enforcement Officers, Dispatchers, or other Cadets in a manner as to discredit them.

I will treat all people equally, despite their beliefs, color, creed, or income. I believe that all people should be given equal opportunity. As such, I will strive to protect the rights of all and treat them in the manner I wish to be treated.

I will be on time for all details, meetings, and Cadet activities. I will have my uniform neat, clean, and pressed. I will have my required equipment. My boots or shoes, as well as all leather equipment, will be polished. I know that if I am punctual and my uniform and grooming standards are above satisfactory, I will be confident and will present myself as a professional.

I will always remember that law enforcement is not a game, it is not an adventure, it is not just a job, it is a way of life. I will remember that Cadets represent a small part of Law Enforcement, but my actions represent Law Enforcement as a whole.