Our City

Casa Grande, Arizona

A growing city with amazing people and a special charm that can only be found in a small town.

Things To Do

A community with historic charm and modern amenities, Casa Grande offers a broad range of facilities and activities for residents of all ages that are available year-round. This includes:

Stats & Facts

  • Founded in 1879
  • Incorporated in 1915
  • Named After the Hohokam Indian Ruins
  • Largest City in Pinal County
  • Home to a Diverse Selection of Thriving Industry Ranging from Manufacturing to Distribution
  • Full-time Resident Population: 58,632 (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Average Household Income: $59,102 (Applied Geographic Solutions, 2019)
  • Full-Time City Employees: 381
  • Property Tax Rate: $0.9999

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, pleasant community for all citizens, we will:

  • Serve Casa Grande through a variety of City services designed to promote quality of life.
  • Ensure the safety of the community by promoting communications and accessibility.
  • Respond to the needs of the community by promoting communications and accessibility.
  • Value the tax dollar and maintain a fiscal policy that keeps taxes low.
  • Incorporate safeguards to assure fairness and equitable treatment of all citizens.
  • Continue to evaluate our services and ourselves to ensure quality.
  • Endeavor to hire the best people we can find and help them develop their abilities.

In Casa Grande, we are committed to service.

Awards & Accolades

Among its many desirable attributes, Casa Grande has also received recognition for the following: