Flood Protection Assistance

The City of Casa Grande Staff performs frequent site visits in response to Citizen requests. The following types of field visits conducted by the City Staff are as follows:

  1. Complaint/Violation: Staff responds to complaints on various subjects ranging from construction activities, trash dumping, encroachment into the floodway, and other items that affect the floodway, floodplain, and drainage.
  2. Flood Complaints: Reports of rising water are investigated immediately with Staff prepared to stack sandbags in critical areas to protect property. Meetings with Citizens who have experienced flooding or have concerns about flooding are held as required to discuss options to protect themselves from the flooding hazard.
  3. Site Visits: Citizens who have site-specific issues concerning neighbor’s activities which change drainage patterns affecting their property. City Staff evaluates the situation and determines if any City Codes have been violated or provides advice and recommendations to make their property less prone to flooding, without impacting neighboring properties.

City Staff consists of one Certified Floodplain Manager who is available to the public to answer any questions, resolve issues, and be of service regarding flood issues. Please refer to Cesar P. Adamos.

NFIP/CRS | Verification Report – Verified Class 8 (PDF)


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